Festivals in the UK

I have spoken a lot on this blog about staying within the UK when considering summer breaks. Travelling to the Lake District and enjoying the idyllic scenery, or travelling far south to Cornwall and putting your toes in the sand. During the summer time though there is one additional thing to consider; festivals. Ranging from Scotland to the Isle of Wight there are festivals catering to all kinds of music and all kinds of people.

So before you start considering a summer holiday abroad let us take a look at some of the festival options that offer a great taste of the UK. In Scotland you might consider T in the Park; a hugely popular festival that has a strong lineup and a great media presence from people like the BBC. Glastonbury, in England’s centre, is the most popular festival and one of the most famous in the world. Catering to an enormous range of people with great music and non music options, with some world famous food stalls completing the look.