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Weekend City Breaks to Birmingham

Birmingham is a great city overall with excellent transport links. There are always lots of great places you can visit and explore in Birmingham, but if you’re going to visit places like the Black Country Museum, Cadbury World, or Dudley Zoological Gardens, it helps if you drive as you can fit more into your day. […]

Buying A Portable Holiday Home

If you love travelling and find that the holiday accommodation will be too costly for you then it may be worth considering buying a portable holiday home. You can have a nice cosy caravan, a compact camper van/R.V, or a quick pop-up tent in the back of your car. It really depends on your budget […]

Buying Holiday Cottages in Great Britain

Great Britain has some truly great holiday cottages to buy, whether in Scotland, England, Wales or Cornwall your spoilt for choice. If you live in the city or by the Sea a nice country cottage in the countryside could be ideal for you where there are lots of open spaces and each day offers peace […]

Visit Swansea bay

A great and affordable holiday for the summer would be the Mumbles in Swansea bay. The locals are very friendly and it’s so peaceful and quiet most days, offering you some time to clear your head as you walk alongside the promenade by the sea. It’s not the type of beach you can kick back […]

AirBnB The Flexible Worldwide Accommodation Service.

Hands down, there has been some bad press surrounding AirBnB at some point. It’s like any service really where there will be good and bad points, and there will always be those people out there looking to take advantage of people who are now web smart. There was an incident in the USA early last […]

Working Holiday Visas, Are Really Worth It?

Working Holiday Visas are great if you are between the ages of 20 and 30 and have no commitments, also for those who love to travel and want to see the world. Where at the same time you can trade your time for a small amount of money for semi-skilled work opportunities, and get to see some truly […]

Getting to Southern Ireland by Bus or Ferry

Getting to Southern Ireland is not that difficult, and you have a choice of going by ferry or by plane (or if you’re brave you can go for a swim from the Welsh coast to Irish coast). Going by ferry: Getting to Fishguard port in Wales can be quite tricky if you don’t drive, it […]

A Holiday Villa in Sunny Spain: Frigiliana

When visiting Spain the best way to see the country as a local is to avoid the resorts and rent a nice villa in a mountain village, or some small village by the sea; and if you know how to speak and understand Spanish, you really can get more from your holiday to Spain. But […]

A holiday in Rome; the best places to visit

Rome is a city with rich and vibrant history, and a culture with passion and beauty to match. Whether you’re into art, love great food, or are a romantic couple looking for the perfect get away; Rome is the place to be! Here are some of the best places to visit in Rome: Places for […]