Working Holiday Visas, Are Really Worth It?

Working Holiday Visas are great if you are between the ages of 20 and 30 and have no commitments, also for those who love to travel and want to see the world. Where at the same time you can trade your time for a small amount of money for semi-skilled work opportunities, and get to see some truly awesome places.

The types of work available to you on that visa vary, as it depends on the country you want to go to for the program. Generally, it’s open to students only and it’s a good idea to choose one of the well-known organisations like BUNAC.

With anything good in life, it’s not going to be free and you will need to pay the admin costs for a program like BUNAC and also for them to sort the working holiday Visa’s out on your behalf and have them fast tracked to you.

The working holidays are usually around 6 months for USA type Visas, and you will have to go home at the end of your Visa. That being said there are some Visa’s in the USA that last 12 months, but the work would have to be all year round; most of the USA working holiday Visas are for work during the summer and Winter months at resorts and camps, and you need to have money saved, or earn enough to float you for the remainder of your stay when the resorts and camps close.

New Zealand has the longest working holiday Visa, that is from 12 – 24 months from the first day of entry into a country and your leaving date is flexible, though usually valid for 2 years, as long as you travel before that date your Visa is good to go.

Work in New Zealand will always be harsh and you will always need to move from place to place and stay at farms and hostels to find work, as it won’t be easy living there with a limited income, so you really need to save for the overlaps between work, as work is not always guaranteed.

Don’t be discouraged by the less fine points, working holiday Visas are a perfect opportunity for students who would love to see the world whilst they are still young; go on, enhance your life and live the dream.

Please note that there are very few programs for working holiday’s available for those over 30 years of age, and only Bunac offers up to 35 with the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. If you are older than the max age then you are out of luck.