Visit Swansea bay

A great and affordable holiday for the summer would be the Mumbles in Swansea bay. The locals are very friendly and it’s so peaceful and quiet most days, offering you some time to clear your head as you walk alongside the promenade by the sea.

It’s not the type of beach you can kick back on, as it’s rocky and usually has a lot of fishing boats around, but there are some food places dotted around and two great cafes near the pier.

It’s more of a holiday to escape from the norm and to walk up and down the breadth and width of the whole bay; it’s a great adventure if you love walking and the fresh sea air on your face offers a refreshing change.

There is a nearby castle, though you will have to pay to go in before you wander around, but it’s well worth the climb up the hill to have a look around if you’re too cheap to pay the entry fee.