The Villa: Luxury Holidays

There’s one holiday type in the world that announces to everyone, your friends, family and anyone who will listen, that you’ve arrived in the holiday scene. This is no budget holiday to the party islands; no two star hotels with cheap vodka, scantily clad ladies and people being sick outside your room’s door. No, this is a Villa holiday. It’s like your own small, private five star hotel. Invite your closest friends along and bask in the glory of perfect weather, your own massive television, your own swimming pools, saunas, gyms and anything that you can dream of.

Granted, the price of a private villa holiday is going to be much higher than your average holiday. However, if you’re working hard and making your way up the social and economic hierarchy then this is the perfect way to announce your increase in status. The next logic step, of course, is buying your own villa, but that might take a little more work.