Opt for a different type of summer holiday

Each summer thousands of Brits flock abroad to beach holiday destinations, but you can stand out from the crowd, and perhaps go on a summer holiday which is a little out of your comfort zone.

Cities thrive in the summer, whether it’s Paris, Berlin, London, Rome or Madrid, and they can actually be some of the best holiday destinations. They may be further away from the beaches than you would like, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed.

Each of these destinations offers something different from the other. However, what you get from a city is often unique. The range of food is greater than ever, something you may not be able to get in an all inclusive hotel on a secluded island.

They can be busy, and at times hectic, but that’s part of a city trip. If you want an action packed stay and perhaps something different than you’ve ever done before, we recommend a summer holiday in a major European city, the culture you can absorb is immense, and there are even package that allow you to visit a range of cities, if you wanted to make your summer holiday even more unique.

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