The right hotel can make all the difference

In my past travel and holiday blogs I have talked a lot about the things that make a great holiday; the things you can’t afford to leave home without, the things to try and see and do on your holiday and, ultimately, where you end up spending a few days, weeks or even months away. A key element in that final discussion, though, is the hotel that you decide to stay in during your holiday.

People talk a lot about the star ratings on hotels and, as a general guideline, they can be very useful. They indicate how exclusive that resort is; what kind of facilities it offers and to what standard each of those is, as long with the quality of the food and the staff and other things along those lines. That is all well and good but the standard five star hotels, and often the six star hotels that we dream about, are well out of our price range. Look into smaller hotels, read user reviews and find a hotel tailored to suit you and your family exactly!