Self Catering vs All Inclusive holidays

Many people will look at self catering and all inclusive as if they are at completely opposite ends. One means you have all your food and drink provided the other means you have to pay for it whilst you’re out there, but choosing between them isn’t as easy as it looks.

There are drawbacks with all inclusive holidays. For instance, you may be given the same food every night, or perhaps you find after a few days that the food is not to your standards but you have already paid for a week or two weeks’ worth of food.

This is when the all inclusive issue becomes a problem, whilst when you’re self catering you can switch restaurants try a greater range of food, but the costs will soon add up, especially when alcoholic beverages are taken into account.

Self catering holidays are ideal for those who are happy to explore a range of restaurants, check out prices, and taste local foods, whilst all inclusive holidays are ideal for those seeking convenience, and no issues in terms of withdrawing money or searching for a pace to eat and drink throughout your holiday.