How to find a great hotel for your holiday

A hotel can really make or break a holiday for anyone. Finding a good hotel can make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing whilst staying in a bad one can really ruin the atmosphere and make you just wish you were at home again.

The best way to find a good hotel in your holiday destination is to read lots and lots of reviews. Do not just rely on the reviews that are on the hotels website, as often they will only show you the good ones. There are many websites out there that offer independent reviews left by holiday makers from all over the world. Try to find the most recent reviews possible as if you are reading what the hotel was like a few years ago you may find that things have changed for the better or the worse.

If you have any doubts, you could always contact some of the local establishments and ask their advice of where is best to stay. Local Theme parks, Zoos or water parks often have a list of hotels they recommend to their customers.