Going on Holiday to Play Golf

Golf is one of those sports that is only made better with a little sun. Going on holiday to play golf is one of those perfect combinations – sun, sea, and something that you love, that will make the trip memorable. A golfing trip to somewhere in Europe, such as the Algarve, will never leave your memory.

Organising a golf trip doesn’t have to be difficult. You can organise it easily from the UK as flights regularly and cheaply leave from UK airports for the Algarve in Portugal. You can take golf clubs with you on these flights by prior arrangement, with the right airline.

Go with a group of friends or your family, or travel alone. Both options are fine when playing golf in the Algarve. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of a golf course on your own, or you can enjoy spending time in this beautiful part of the world with your loved ones.