Buying Holiday Cottages in Great Britain

Great Britain has some truly great holiday cottages to buy, whether in Scotland, England, Wales or Cornwall your spoilt for choice.

If you live in the city or by the Sea a nice country cottage in the countryside could be ideal for you where there are lots of open spaces and each day offers peace and tranquillity.

Or maybe you want a cottage by the sea taking in the lovely sea air and falling asleep to the sound of the gentle waves on a warm summers night.

Where you go is down to you, and the places you have fallen in love with. Though buying a Holiday Cottage as a second home is usually a fixed choice, it will be more like your summer or winter retreat when you want to get away, and there to stay when you do decide to go back to your main home.

It’s also a good way to generate an income in the months your not using it, though it depends on the location and whether it’s accessible for your holiday guests if people want to rent it for a few weeks or less.

If you have brought a Holiday Cottage in a really nice location remember not to set the rental costs too high or you will put off potential renters; at the same time don’t set it too low as you will attract the wrong types of renters that may not treat your retreat with respect.