Buying a Cabin Lodge

A lodge or cabin is something which is typically associated with a holiday. They play a massive role in the type of accommodation you’ll find in a nature reserve; which is where you’ll most likely have the option of buying a lodge.

Lodges can cost anywhere from £10,000 to £150,000, with some even higher than that. Depending upon the degree you’re prepared to rough it, and the real estate in question, you’ll find a very wide price range.

One of the great things about cabins is the low maintenance they require. This is why they have been the building of choice for seasonal inhabitants for hundreds of years, such as hunters. They can be left alone for most of the year, and then when you’re ready to spend some time there, they can be brought into working order within a few hours.

Of course, if being out in the wilderness is not really your thing, this won’t be an attractive option for you, but those who really enjoy the idea will find a comfortable and affordable haven away from urban life in a cabin / lodge.