Holiday Villas

Finding a Good Holiday Villa in Europe

A holiday villa is a great option for families who are going on holiday and want to have some space to themselves. It is now easier than ever before to enjoy a villa holiday, and find a villa that is very good value for money. This is especially true if the villa you select is […]

Is a Villa a Good Idea for a Holiday?

A villa holiday is very aspirational. The idea of staying in a beautiful villa that has plenty of space, a private pool and beautiful decor is a great idea. However, there are many other pointers you will need to take into consideration as well. Of course, a villa holiday is going to be great if […]

Considering the Practicalities when Choosing Holiday Accommodation

When going on holiday, it can be easy to be led by our hearts. We will often see a pretty picture of some palm trees or a good review of a hotel and we will instantly fall in love with a destination. It’s important to remain in control and make a decision with your head, […]

A Holiday Villa in Sunny Spain: Frigiliana

When visiting Spain the best way to see the country as a local is to avoid the resorts and rent a nice villa in a mountain village, or some small village by the sea; and if you know how to speak and understand Spanish, you really can get more from your holiday to Spain. But […]

The Villa: Luxury Holidays

There’s one holiday type in the world that announces to everyone, your friends, family and anyone who will listen, that you’ve arrived in the holiday scene. This is no budget holiday to the party islands; no two star hotels with cheap vodka, scantily clad ladies and people being sick outside your room’s door. No, this […]

Holiday villas can be a great place to stop

Choosing to stop in a villa whilst away can make any holiday more enjoyable. Having a few luxuries like Kettle, toasters and nice bathroom are a few luxuries that we take for granted when we are at home but if you have ever been camping you will understand that these things can sometimes make quite […]

A Holiday in Portugal

Portugal is a fan favourite for British people, flights can only take 2 and a half hours from the UK, and the average weather is hot but not too had (around 28 degrees at the most). Portugal’s winning combination of sandy beaches, blue waters and sunshine all year round makes it a good choice for […]

Opt for a different type of summer holiday

Each summer thousands of Brits flock abroad to beach holiday destinations, but you can stand out from the crowd, and perhaps go on a summer holiday which is a little out of your comfort zone. Cities thrive in the summer, whether it’s Paris, Berlin, London, Rome or Madrid, and they can actually be some of […]