Holiday Hotels

Going on Holiday to Play Golf

Golf is one of those sports that is only made better with a little sun. Going on holiday to play golf is one of those perfect combinations – sun, sea, and something that you love, that will make the trip memorable. A golfing trip to somewhere in Europe, such as the Algarve, will never leave […]

Renting a Car on Holiday

When you are on holiday, you want to make the most of your time and find out a little bit about what it’s like to be a local. This gives you a unique insight into a place, showing you about the day to day life it offers and how it might feel to live there. […]

Considering the Practicalities when Choosing Holiday Accommodation

When going on holiday, it can be easy to be led by our hearts. We will often see a pretty picture of some palm trees or a good review of a hotel and we will instantly fall in love with a destination. It’s important to remain in control and make a decision with your head, […]

Using as a Guide to Your Next Holiday!

If your looking for your next great adventure but have not yet decided where you want to go, a great place to start would be on, and they usually have some good short weekend, and long breaks available at good rates. What is great about is that you can view who else is looking […]

AirBnB The Flexible Worldwide Accommodation Service.

Hands down, there has been some bad press surrounding AirBnB at some point. It’s like any service really where there will be good and bad points, and there will always be those people out there looking to take advantage of people who are now web smart. There was an incident in the USA early last […]

The right hotel can make all the difference

In my past travel and holiday blogs I have talked a lot about the things that make a great holiday; the things you can’t afford to leave home without, the things to try and see and do on your holiday and, ultimately, where you end up spending a few days, weeks or even months away. […]

How to find a great hotel for your holiday

A hotel can really make or break a holiday for anyone. Finding a good hotel can make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing whilst staying in a bad one can really ruin the atmosphere and make you just wish you were at home again. The best way to find a good hotel in your holiday […]

The Benefits of a Last Minute Holiday

Last minute holidays are becoming more popular in today’s society, mainly because it’s relatively easy to book a last minute holiday, in fact you could have a holiday booked within 10 minutes, and the flight leaves tomorrow. That’s how fast the world we live in today actually is. There are plenty of benefits that come […]

A Holiday in Portugal

Portugal is a fan favourite for British people, flights can only take 2 and a half hours from the UK, and the average weather is hot but not too had (around 28 degrees at the most). Portugal’s winning combination of sandy beaches, blue waters and sunshine all year round makes it a good choice for […]