Holiday Homes

Considering the Practicalities when Choosing Holiday Accommodation

When going on holiday, it can be easy to be led by our hearts. We will often see a pretty picture of some palm trees or a good review of a hotel and we will instantly fall in love with a destination. It’s important to remain in control and make a decision with your head, […]

Buying A Portable Holiday Home

If you love travelling and find that the holiday accommodation will be too costly for you then it may be worth considering buying a portable holiday home. You can have a nice cosy caravan, a compact camper van/R.V, or a quick pop-up tent in the back of your car. It really depends on your budget […]

Buying Holiday Cottages in Great Britain

Great Britain has some truly great holiday cottages to buy, whether in Scotland, England, Wales or Cornwall your spoilt for choice. If you live in the city or by the Sea a nice country cottage in the countryside could be ideal for you where there are lots of open spaces and each day offers peace […]

Buying a Cabin Lodge

A lodge or cabin is something which is typically associated with a holiday. They play a massive role in the type of accommodation you’ll find in a nature reserve; which is where you’ll most likely have the option of buying a lodge. Lodges can cost anywhere from £10,000 to £150,000, with some even higher than […]

Holiday Homes

Holiday homes present an interesting opportunity for the owner. Of course, having a holiday home ultimately gives you independence on your holiday, but capitalising on the property when you aren’t using it can be very lucrative. While it still remains yours, renting it out to people who want to have a more independent holiday can […]